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Book Now & Pay Later allows you to make a confirmed reservation with no upfront payment! Your place will be reserved and payment will be made at a later time.

About the Emails you will receive:

1. Details of your purchase. The Status of your Order is set to "Reservation Pending For Confirmation and Payment".

2. Your Boarding Pass / E-Ticket. Status set to "Reservation Confirmed - Pending for Final Payment".

3. Pay for your services. Choose to pay at any time, knowing the deadlines for each type of service. For Tour Experiences you may pay up to 48 hours before your experience. For Intimate Weddings you may pay up to 14 days ahead and for and Cozy Lodgings, you may pay up to 7 days ahead your arrival. If you do not submit your payment on the established dates, your reservation will be cancelled.

4. Your final Boarding Pass / E-Ticket. Status set to "Reservation Confirmed - Payment Confirmed".

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