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About Us

We are a family owned, inbound, sustainable, educational and responsible tours operation, located in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We have been organizing unique and personalized group and private excursions all over Puerto Rico since 1992.

It all started with the Encantos Ecotours Brand. We were one of the pioneer companies doing ecotours in Puerto Rico, from right the beginning of the ecotourism and green tourism concept development. With Encantos Ecotours we could custom design and perform the largest variety of excursions all over Puerto Rico, for any group size and for any type of professional, educational, corporate, friends, or family members, before social media was born. We always emphasized on delivering quality services and the most personalized, diverse and professional experiences you could find in Puerto Rico.

The Sailing Dreams Brand is a pioneer project of love that started operations on January 2012, as our answer to the high levels of anxiety, depression, PTSD, etc., people from all over the world were experiencing. Before Sailing Dreams, there were no other sailing excursions in the San Juan Bay area. We wanted to be part of the relaxing, wellness and the healing process for individuals on our sailboat Poema de Amor Libertad (Poem of Love and Freedom). We wanted our guests to discover that special reason that is motivating you to take a break: a birthday, an anniversary, a proposal, vacations, getaways, an intimate wedding, etc. We wanted that one of the best things to do in Puerto Rico, one of the best things to do in San Juan, our unparalleled boat tours, were accessible to everybody.

In Sailing Dreams we share with our guests our passion for sailing, for doing boat tours, for the history of Old San Juan, its Historical Sites and magnificent views, while dreaming with a better present and the best future. We love to give you that onboard VIP pampering service nobody else has been close to. We continue improving our operations with unique surprises, year after year, season after season. We limit our services to a maximum of six guests per charter and at the moment we haven't considered having more people onboard. We highly recommend you, that if your party is larger than six, to split the group and come on different departure times. We are still focused on the personalized mission, since this tour is for you, this tour is for your souls!

Our Staff

Our tours are performed by the best team of highly educated and trained Puerto Rican professionals from different backgrounds, that have found in Outdoors Education and Conservation, the Missions and Passions of our lives. We love what we do!

Our Guidance

We strive into learning while having a great time!!! We get into the ocean, into the outdoors and let the colors and sounds of our nature, the wisdom of our heritage and the memories of our ancestors, pamper and teach us... That way you get to know the best of our Island, of our people and of the Caribbean.

Our Beliefs

We are strong believers that we are all students and teachers and we accept with pride and love our social, environmental and historical responsibility. Please know that when you book a tour with us, you are supporting those conservation, social, community and health non-profit organizations that we Reinvest in.


We speak Español, English, Music, Tolerance, Respect and Love! LGBTQ Community you have been welcome since ever!

Our Recommendation

Dream while exploring these pages before coming to enjoy the real Puerto Rico, the musical, colorful, diverse and gentle Island Nation...

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