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A S T O N I S H I N G !

El Yunque Rainforest Half Day Hiking Tour & the Bioluminescent Lagoon

On this tour, guests will visit a unique forest and explore its diverse ecosystems, but will continue to visit one of the most incredible natural wonders of the world: A Bioluminescent Lagoon.

Hiking one of the picturesques trails and swimming under the flow of a tropical waterfall, then kayaking to an astonisting bioluminecent lagoon.

This is the perfect tour for couples, families and children that want to have the best of all.

Experience unique flora and fauna that can not be seen anywhere else in the world. Live nature's natural glow. Paddle in floating "starsdusts" on the Stardust Lagoon: Laguna Grande.

The experience of a lifetime!


Do you want to experience the best of El Yunque Rain Forest and the best of Laguna Grande Bioluminescent Lagoon in just one day? If so, then this is the perfect tour for you.

You may hike one of El Yunque's short trails and be embrace by the magnificence of the forest. Explore unique flora and fauna; like endemic birds, singing tree frogs, enchanting butterflies, walking stick insects and lizards that can not be seen anywhere else in the world.

You will hike Juan Diego Trail, discovering one of El Yunque's magical waterfalls, a local Fountain of Youth"...

Then continue to Fajardo to experience the most magical tour anyone can have: night kayaking to a bioluminescent lagoon. The experience of being able to witness the amazing life of the microscopic organisms Pyrodinium bahamense, is a once in a lifetime experience. Not enough words to describe a natural phenomenon that happens in very few tropical waters around the world and that looks like "glows in the dark", like starsdust, like "water stars"...

This is an ideal tour for couples and families that have never experienced the jungle, in an amazing tropical rain forest and that have always dreamed with floating over starsdust...

LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Espagnol, English, Music and Love


* R/T in air conditioned modern vehicle (designated pick up locations)

* R/T personalized services of a knowledgeable Naturalist Interpreter

* Entrance fees to the National Park

* Snacks including fresh fruit

* Use of all kayaking and safety gear


El Yunque Rain Forest includes 7 towns, with the largest Rio Grande, located 18 miles (30 km) east of San Juan. Fajardo is located 12 miles (19 km) east of Rio Grande. You may click on the map to get connected with Puerto Rico's Google Map.


The minimum tour size is 4 people. This tour is also available as a Private Tour, where additional sites may be visited.


The tour lasts 9 hours total. Departs from the San Juan area at 12:00 pm, returning at 10:00 pm. One and a half hour driving time in each direction.


Easiest 1 2 <3> 4 5 Hardest

* Hiking uphill and downhill on uneven paved surfaces.

* During full moon nights, bioluminescence is not as bright. It is affected by "light pollution".

* Sea Kayaking can be challenging due to some current (tide changes), wind, mangrove roots and other nearby kayakers.

* We carry tandem kayaks. Maximum combined weight not to exceed 450 pounds. If you prefer to go solo, you should reserve another space.

* Guests must sign a Liability Waiver

* Minimum age is 6 years old. Adult Supervision

* Group Rate: Every 10 - 1 is Free

* This tour is not suggested for people with any recent surgery and/or any heart condition, diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, epilepsy, or any other.

* Not suitable for pregnant women.

* Not recommended for people who have fear of water and being in the dark.

* Not recommended for people in wheerchairs.

* When you Book a tour with us, you are supporting those environmental, social and health organizations, we reinvest in.

* Please reserve your tours as early as possible. All excursions have limited capacity and reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Thank you!

* El Yunque National Forest, is an International Biosphere Reserve that consists of approximately 28, 000 acres. It differs significantly from other Forests, because of its year-round tropical climate and immense biodiversity (uniqueness). It rises to 3,533 ft. above sea level. Their steep slopes can sometimes receive rainfall of over 200 inches (508 centimeters) at higher elevations! Caressed by gentle easterly winds the forest has an average temperature of 73° F (21° C), and seasonal changes are almost imperceptible. It is the ideal climate for exuberant tropical vegetation. The rain forest is home to thousands of native plants including 150 fern species, 240 tree species (88 of these are endemic or rare and 23 are exclusively found in this forest). The El Yunque National Forest has no large wildlife species, but hundreds of smaller animals abound in this gentle forest, many of which exist nowhere else on the planet!!

* Caimitillo Trail is a short 0.2 miles (0.6 km) interpretive trail rising from 2,067 feet (630 meters) to 2,427 feet (740 meters). Hiking time is approximately 15 to 20 minutes, one-way. The trail is rated as moderate to easy, and has an asphalt-paved or graveled surface.

* The Bahio de Oro trail is a fairly short 0.3 miles (0.6 km) trail, which rises from 2,132 feet (650 meters) to 2,362 feet (720 meters). Hiking time is approximately 20 minutes to the junction with the lower part of the El Yunque trail. Trail surface is a composite of asphalt, gravel and native stone, and can be muddy in places.

* Juan Diego is really a short, easy - moderate trail .13 mile (.21 km). It is uneven, occasionally muddy and slippery, and there are some rocks to step up and down from. But it is very doable. As you walk along this trail, you will get to a couple of little waterfalls. The falls get larger as you go up. When you come to the "end" of the trail, there is a 15 feet (4.57 meters) waterfall. Above that one, there is another one that is more than 40 feet (12 meters) tall.

* Laguna Grande is a coastal lagoon that belongs to Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve. The site's name, Las Cabezas de, refers to the three head-like promontories that extend from the mainland into the Atlantic Ocean. This reserve is characterized by its Laguna Grande, one of three water bodies with year-round bioluminescence known in Puerto Rico and the imposing historical lighthouse.

* Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve is one of the most comprehensive examples of the Island's natural coastal communities. Seven different ecological communities flourish in close proximity to one another, in an area of 321 acres of land, making it a unique nature reserve. These are: offshore coral reefs, dry forest, rocky coast, the bioluminescent lagoon, mangroves, sandy shores and thalasia beds.

* Bioluminescence is a natural phenomenon that occur sporadically in warm tropical water around the around the world. In tropical latitudes, as a result of many topographic and meteorological conditions, certain bioluminescent bays exhibit persistent high concentrations of bioluminescent dinoflagellates.

* In Puerto Rico we have several, some stational and some that you can see all year round. Bioluminescence is a light emission phenomenon created by a unicellular dinoflagellate, less than 1/500 th of an inch in diameter, called Pyridium bahamense.

These spinning flames are actually part animal because they can move around and part plant because they photosynthesize sunlight using chlorophyll. There are several bioluminescent creatures in our bays and lagoons, but the Pyridium is the dominant light producer.

It its believe that they glow as a type of defense mechanism. They do not really have any control over their luminescence, they simply emit a bright glow light whenever they are agitated, or moved around. They are single-celled creatures, thus very little The brief flash they emit, may make them seem larger than they really are, that way they scare away their predator zooplankton. They absorb basic chemicals directly from the water they live and this is an important factor in their abundance. This organisms requires specific conditions for its living and reproduction. They live in very fragile ecosystems.

We support the light pollution control initiatives


We suggest you bring:

* Lightweight Pants, light shirt and rain gear (bring extra clothing)

* Closed-toe shoes like running shoes or light hiking boots

* Swimsuit and beach towel

* Water shoes

* Sunscreen, environmentaly friendly bug repellent (no deed, please)

* Sunglasses and hat

* Camera and binoculars

* Waterproof Camera (for the Bio Bay, although it is almost impossible to take any bioluminescense images)


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Welcome to Discovering Puerto Rico with other eyes... Thank you!